• Overlaying anomalies and alerts on OpenSearch Dashboards visualizations

    Wed, Aug 02, 2023

    We have some exciting news to share with you!

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  • Partner Highlight: AWS releases Amazon Personalize Search Ranking for self-managed OpenSearch

    Thu, Jul 27, 2023

    OpenSearch partner and contributor AWS recently released Amazon Personalize Search Ranking, a new plugin for self-managed OpenSearch that helps users leverage the deep learning capabilities offered by Amazon Personalize and apply personalization to their search results.

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  • Introducing extensions for OpenSearch

    Tue, Jul 25, 2023

    Extensions is a new experimental feature in OpenSearch 2.9 that allows you to extend OpenSearch and independently scale workloads without impacting cluster availability. In this blog post, we will introduce extensions and compare them to plugins. Using a 36-node cluster running a machine learning algorithm that performs high-cardinality anomaly detection, we’ll demonstrate how we have achieved a cost reduction of...

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  • Introducing OpenSearch 2.9.0

    Mon, Jul 24, 2023

    OpenSearch 2.9.0 is ready to download, with new features designed to help you build better search solutions and integrate more machine learning (ML) into your applications, along with updates for security analytics workloads, geospatial visualizations, and more. This release also provides new compression codecs that offer significant performance improvements and reduced index sizes. For developers, an experimental extensions software development...

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  • New for OpenSearch Dashboards: Long-running operation notifications and component templates

    Thu, Jul 20, 2023

    OpenSearch Dashboards now provides two additional UI elements to simplify index management---notifications for long-running operations and component templates. With long-running operation notification, you can subscribe to be notified of a specific task or type of task through any notification channel supported by the Notification plugin. With component templates, you can create a single index pattern that matches multiple indexes. Using...

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