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OpenSearchCon San Francisco - Schedule and CFP Updates

Jun 21 • community

The OpenSearch Project invites the OpenSearch community to explore the future of search, analytics, and generative AI at the first OpenSearch user conference in Europe. Join us in Berlin on May 6 & 7 and learn how to build powerful applications and get the most out of your OpenSearch deployments....

So you want better OpenSearch documentation?

Jun 18 • events

Learn how the OpenSearch Project uses the Diataxis documentation system to identify gaps while working with its community to encourage contributions and improve its content.

Announcing an OpenSearch and DataStax generative AI partnership

Jun 13 • community, partners

Learn about the collaboration between open source startup DataStax and the OpenSearch Project on integration efforts to support Generative AI developers.

A deep dive into faster semantic sparse retrieval in OpenSearch 2.12

Jun 11 • technical-posts

Deep dive into the fundamentals of neural sparse search and explore two methods for accelerating semantic sparse retrieval in OpenSearch.

OpenSearch Project update: A look at performance progress through version 2.14

Jun 07 • technical-posts, community

Learn more about the strategic enhancements and performance features that OpenSearch has delivered up to version 2.14.

Visualizing data from multiple data sources with TSVB and Vega

Jun 06 • technical-post

OpenSearch versions 2.13 and 2.14 now support multiple data sources for Vega and TSVB visualization types. This blog post shows you how to use this feature.

Do you need semantic search?

Jun 05 • technical-posts

You might be asking yourself do you really need semantic search? I've been asked this question dozens of times so lets dive in and see what semantic search is and...

Developer guide: Integrating multiple data sources using OpenSearch Dashboards and plugins

Jun 04 • technical-post

OpenSearch introduced support for multiple data sources in version 2.4, allowing users to explore, visualize, and manage data from self-managed clusters and Amazon OpenSearch Service. In version 2.14, OpenSearch Dashboards...

Announcing OpenSearchCon North America 2024

May 31 • community

The OpenSearch Project invites the OpenSearch community to explore the future of search, analytics, and generative AI at the first OpenSearch user conference in Europe. Join us in Berlin on...

Improving ease of use in OpenSearch Dashboards with Vega visualizations

May 30 • technical-post

In this blog post we discuss the benefits of integrating Vega, a toolkit for general-purpose data visualization.

OpenSearchCon Europe 2024 shines in Berlin

May 23 • community

On May 6th and 7th 2024 the OpenSearch community gathered at Cafe Moskau in the city of Berlin to interact with and learn from one another at the first OpenSearchCon...

Top 3 scenarios in which managing multiple clusters with one OpenSearch Dashboards instance is a lifesaver

May 21 • feature

OpenSearch Dashboards, the visualization tool for your OpenSearch data, offers the multiple data sources feature. This feature enables you to consolidate and visualize data from various OpenSearch clusters within a...

Announcing Data Prepper 2.8.0

May 16 • releases

Data Prepper 2.8.0 continues to improve upon Data Prepper’s usefulness for search use cases by adding a new Amazon DocumentDB source, in addition to many other improvements. We’d like to...

A comprehensive guide to setting up and connecting self-managed OpenSearch Dashboards with an Amazon OpenSearch Service domain

May 15 • technical-post

OpenSearch is a scalable, flexible, and extensible open-source software suite for search, analytics, security monitoring, and observability applications, licensed under Apache 2.0. OpenSearch Dashboards is a powerful and flexible data...

Explore OpenSearch 2.14

May 14 • releases

OpenSearch 2.14 is live and ready for download! The latest version of OpenSearch is filled with updates that increase performance, improve usability, expand access to data sources, and help users...