Introduction to OpenSearch Plugins

Dec 02 • technical-post

OpenSearch enables enhancing core features in a custom way via plugins. For example, plugins could add custom mapping types, engine scripts, etc. In this blog post we wanted to unbox...

Setup OpenSearch multi-node cluster on Kubernetes using Helm Charts

Nov 24 • technical-posts

OpenSearch can operate as a single-node or multi-node cluster. Production setup typically requires a multi-node cluster. In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup a multi-node cluster of OpenSearch...

OpenSearch 1.2.0 is out now!

Nov 23 • releases

With this latest version of the OpenSearch distribution (OpenSearch, OpenSearch Dashboards, as well as plugins and tools) you can enjoy a number of new features and enhancements as well as...

Anomaly Detection for Historical Data and Real-time Streaming

Nov 18 • technical-post

You can leverage anomaly detection to analyze vast amount of logs in many different ways. Some analytics approaches require real-time detection, such as application monitoring, event detection, and fraud detection....

Partner Highlight: Instaclustr adds OpenSearch to its managed service offerings

Nov 15 • partners

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the general availability of OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards on the Instaclustr SaaS Platform. OpenSearch is another key open source technology that joins our suite of...

Backwards Compatibility Testing for OpenSearch

Nov 05 • technical-post

Backwards Compatibility (BWC) testing is used to test and determine the safe upgrade paths from a supported BWC version to the current version. The framework in OpenSearch allows you to...

Moving from open source Elasticsearch to OpenSearch

Oct 29 • technical-posts

Blog refreshed for technical accuracy on 16 Nov 2022

Partner Highlight: Eliatra presents OpenSearch Security Concepts

Oct 26 • technical-posts

Eliatra provides OpenSearch Support, Professional Services and Custom Feature Development. Our team has been working with open source search engine technology like Lucene and Elastic products since the very beginning....

Testing Automation for OpenSearch Releases

Oct 22 • technical-post

OpenSearch releases many distributions across multiple platforms as part of a new version. These distributions are of two types - the default distribution that includes all plugins, and the min...

Introduction to OpenSearch Alerting

Oct 20 • partners

Log analytics has grown to be one of OpenSearch’s popular use cases as it is able to easily ingest, secure, search, visualize, and analyze log data. The automated alerting feature...

Partner Highlight: Aiven offers OpenSearch as a service

Oct 14 • partners

Aiven has recently announced Aiven for OpenSearch as the newest addition to their managed database services platform. As an existing provider of open source Elasticsearch as a service, the move...

Introduction to Cross-Cluster Replication

Oct 12 • cross-cluster

Earlier this year while working on Open Distro the team announced the experimental release of cross-cluster replication. I am happy to announce the general availability of cross-cluster replication for OpenSearch....

OpenSearch 1.1.0 is here!

Oct 05 • releases

We are excited to announce the 1.1.0 release of OpenSearch, OpenSearch Dashboards, and the OpenSearch Project plugins (available to download today).

Building OpenSearch 1.1 Distributions using Automation

Oct 04 • technical-post

The Open Distro for Elasticsearch was a package containing open source Elasticsearch and a dozen open source plugins. Open Distro’s release process began by picking up a stable version of...

OpenSearch clients in Python, Go, and Node.js

Sep 30 • community

Last month, the project announced the intention to release OpenSearch specific clients and today the first batch are ready for production use. You can get opensearch-py from PyPI, install opensearch-js...