Correlating security events across different log sources

Jul 13 • technical-posts

All enterprises, large and small, across different industries and geographies, are vulnerable to security threats to their valuable data. To detect and respond to these threats, organizations use commercial security...

Optimize OpenSearch index shard sizes

Jul 06 • technical-posts

This blog post discusses optimizing the number shards in an OpenSearch index. Optimizing shard sizes helps you get the best performance from OpenSearch.

Improving JSON parsing performance in opensearch-java

Jun 27 • technical-post

As an open-source enthusiast, I believe in the power of collaboration to make open-source projects faster and more efficient. In this blog post, I will share how my team at...

Partner highlight: Exploring OpenSearch’s vector database capabilities

Jun 26 • partner-highlight

Many organizations are turning to machine learning (ML) tools to enhance their search applications. Among those tools are ML embedding models, which can encode the meaning and context of documents,...

End-to-end acknowledgments in Data Prepper

Jun 19 • technical-post

Data Prepper is an open-source data collector used to ingest data into OpenSearch clusters. In addition to Data Prepper’s in-memory buffer, which allows for fast throughput, users also want improved...

OpenSearch Partners with Key lime Interactive for Usability Studies: Admin Panel Workflows

Jun 15 • community

Usability is vital in facilitating successful interactions between users and technology. In software, usability refers to the ability of a product to be understood, learned, and used by the user....

Registration for OpenSearchCon 2023 is now open!

Jun 15 • community

The OpenSearch Project invites all builders to Seattle this fall, to celebrate the success of the OpenSearch Project and look to the future of search, analytics, and Generative AI. Join...

Use flat object in OpenSearch

Jun 13 • technical-post

OpenSearch 2.7 introduced the new flat object field type. This field type is useful for objects with a large number of fields or when you are not familiar with the...

OpenSearch Project Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 4

Jun 08 • community

The OpenSearch Project is pleased to present our newsletter. Distributed monthly, the newsletter is a great way to learn more about the latest OpenSearch news, relevant content from the community,...

OpenSearch 2.8 is here!

Jun 06 • releases

OpenSearch 2.8.0 is now available, with a host of new features and enhancements and experimental functionality that are sure to generate excitement within the community! This release includes new tools...

Announcing Data Prepper 2.3.0

Jun 06 • releases

Data Prepper 2.3.0 is now available for download! This release introduces a number of changes that improve Data Prepper’s ability to process complex expressions with functions, arithmetic operations, and string...

OpenSearch Dashboards: Community Insights

Jun 01 • community

In February of 2023, the OpenSearch Project conducted user interviews with seven OpenSearch community members about their experience using OpenSearch Dashboards. These community members were selected because they responded to...

Searchable snapshots are generally available in OpenSearch 2.7

May 23 • technical-post

The OpenSearch Project is excited to announce the general availability of searchable snapshots in OpenSearch. With searchable snapshots, you can search indexes that are stored as snapshots within remote repositories...

OpenSearchCon 2023: CFP is Now Closed

May 18 • community

The Call for Presentations window for OpenSearchCon 2023 is now closed.

Discontinuing the custom Logstash distribution

May 16 •

One of the core OpenSearch Project principles is that OpenSearch can be used everywhere: in businesses, software, and projects. Among the many people already using OpenSearch, a large number use...