Which Way is the Compass Pointing?

Jul 22 • intro

I’m still tagging, and much like in my last post, I’ve been tagging forum threads in hopes of gaining insight into where to target content creation. What is most clear...

Aggregate by multiple terms in OpenSearch

Jul 21 • technical-post

Multi-terms aggregation allows you to group and sort results from a query. While terms aggregation has existed in OpenSearch for some time, multi-terms aggregation allows for sorting by deeper levels....

Using Fluent Bit and OpenSearch with Bottlerocket and Kubelet logs

Jul 20 • technical-post

Today, I’m going to show you how to run OpenSearch with the OpenSearch Operator on Kubernetes using the Bottlerocket and then add Fluent Bit to collect logs from the nodes...

What’s new: Document-level monitors

Jul 13 • technical-post

In OpenSearch 2.0, OpenSearch released document-level monitors. With document-level monitors, alert creators can monitor documents as they are indexed in OpenSearch. If an alert is configured on a document-level monitor,...

Year One: The OpenSearch Project

Jul 12 • community

I know its cliché, but what a difference a year makes. We launched the OpenSearch project a year ago today to help ensure that the community of open-source Elasticsearch users...

OpenSearch 2.1 is available now!

Jul 07 • releases

OpenSearch 2.1 is now available for download! This release includes new features and significant enhancements aimed at boosting performance and expanding functionality for search, analytics, and observability use cases. OpenSearch...

OpenSearch style guidelines are now available

Jun 29 • community

The OpenSearch team is excited to announce the release of the style guidelines for our documentation and marketing content! These guidelines cover the style standards and terms to be observed...

S3 log ingestion using Data Prepper 1.5.0

Jun 23 • technical-post

Data Prepper is an open-source data collector for data ingestion into OpenSearch. It currently supports trace analytics and log analysis use cases. Earlier this year Data Prepper added log ingestion...

OpenSearch 2.0 Clients Released

Jun 07 • releases

On the heels of the OpenSearch 2.0 release, the OpenSearch team is excited to announce that all OpenSearch clients have been released to support version 2.0. Not only were all...

Partner Highlight: Using OpenSearch for F5 & NGINX with WorldTech IT

Jun 06 • partners

WorldTech IT is excited to join the OpenSearch community as users, contributors, and official OpenSearch partners

OpenSearch 2.0 is now available!

May 26 • releases

OpenSearch 2.0 is now generally available! This release incorporates user feedback and contributions from across the OpenSearch community to deliver a wealth of new capabilities and performance enhancements. We’re grateful...

Introducing logstash-input-opensearch plugin for OpenSearch

May 19 • community

In this post, we will talk about the new input plugin for Logstash. We will show how it works with OpenSearch by giving an example on how to read data...

Metrics Ingestion with Data Prepper using OpenTelemetry

May 17 • technical-post

Data Prepper offers great capabilities for ingesting traces and logs into OpenSearch. Until now, that leaves out the third pillar of observability: metrics. Data Prepper 1.4.0 introduces support for metrics...

Building My Own Content Compass

May 13 • intro

Tag, You’re It!

FluentCon EU Announcement

May 11 • community

The Fluent community is excited to partner with the OpenSearch community in hosting another installment of FluentCon. The conference is a co-located event alongside [KubeCon Europe]( on May 16th in...